Tax Advising

Publication date 02.02.2015

It is a common knowledge that business profits and optimal taxation are interrelated with each other.

Tax consulting is one of the most demanded iTellFinance services.

Our highly qualified specialists will advise you on Latvian legislation, as well as on any ongoing changes.

You can get advice on reducing the tax burden both for individuals and for legal persons, as well as on various transactions, on real estate or companies purchase.

We also provide services for individuals who receive income in Latvia and and would like to delegate the responsibility for processing their tax returns to our specialists.

We Will Offer You:

Tax planning; consideration of specific transactions and tax risks;
Preparation and advising on tax declarations in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia;
Preparation for audits by the State Revenue Service and solution of disputable issues in relations with public authorities;
Tax refund;
Oral consultations at your Office: a specialist from our Company will come to your work place and, after thorough examination of your accounting documents, will offer optimal solutions;
A taxation specialist written consultation: we will provide you a fast and full reply by email;

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