Certified Auditor Services

Publication date 02.02.2015

We can offer you services of the best Latvian Sworn Auditors (with valid licenses), so you can be sure that your annual reports will be in order.

The legislation of the Republic of Latvia concerning companies corresponding to the following two of three criteria - balance of EUR 400,000; net turnover of EUR 800,000 and number of employees from 25 persons - implies regular auditing of annual reports. This audit should be carried out by a third party – by a holder of a Sworn Auditor Certificate. You are absolutely free in your choice of an auditor.

ITellFinance professionals will be ready to carry out an audit of your Company's Annual Report in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Annual Reports and the Law on Certified Auditors, in compliance with all the requirements established by the Latvian Association of Certified Auditors.

Certified Auditor services should also be used for operational financial reports preparation for financial institutions.

If you turn to us, you will receive a Certified Auditor statement under the best terms and conditions.

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