Bookkeeping and Accounting

Publication date 02.02.2015

Bookkeeping and Accounting is the basis for a stable and efficiently growing business. To perform business accounting means a number of operations. It is a time consuming and laborious process that leads to valuable and complete information acquisition about the Company’s performance and state of affairs.

iTellFinance specializes in providing comprehensive accounting services on a turnkey basis. You will free a lot of your time and resources for your business development after handing over professional business accounting to our highly qualified professionals.

We provide organizational accounting services and support as well as financial analysis and tax advising.

Our experience proves that excellent business accounting is the main key to success. Today the solution to outsource accounting services has become efficient and popular among companies of all sizes. More and more business owners are realizing that to arrange work in such a way is both cheaper (you save resources that you could have been spent on maintaining your own accounting department) and better and more professional (companies providing outsourcing services have their main competences in accountancy and know almost everything about bookkeeping and accounting).

We guarantee you the German precision and efficiency, the Swiss reliability and the British level of client service that will allow you raise your business to a higher level of quality.

The Main Benefits of Your Trust to Us:

You will essentially reduce bookkeeping and accountancy management expenses;
You will acquire a perfect Assistant, responsible for the proper performance of all financial transactions. Thus you will obtain a better possibility to focus on the priority areas of your business;
Accounting audit performed by our experts will significantly reduce tax risks;
We will take care of all the issues concerning interaction with the tax and regulatory authorities. This means that your business will not be paralyzed in the event of an unexpected visit of inspection bodies, because all inspections will be held at the Office of our Company;
You will have the possibility to get financial and tax advice at any suitable time;

iTellFinance provides the full range of accounting services. For you and your business.

Our services


Online monitoring system of the financial perfomance of Your company with user friendly and easy-to-understand interface.


Certified Auditor Services

Services of the best Latvian Sworn Auditors, so you can be sure that your annual reports will be in order.


Financial analysis

Financial analysis of the financial performance of your company. Financial reports and calculations.


Company Registration

Company registration in the Register of Enterprises of Latvia, registration in State revenue service of Latvia, registration changes and related services.


Tax Advising

Tax advisory services, tax reimbursement, consulting on avoiding tax risks.


Legal services

We offer to you the professional legal assistance on various legal issues...