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Publication date 10.02.2015

In today's world competent legal support is of great importance and professionally drafted documents allow to achieve the desired result, get more or give less. Legal problems often play very important and sometimes even crucial role in people's lives. Do not delay the solution of legal problems, such delay can run you into money. Seek legal assistance from the experts of our company.

We offer to you the professional legal assistance that consists in counseling of the interested persons on various legal issues, the full support of juridical acts and the preparation of all documents required to resolve the situation in your favor.

Our legal services shall cover many aspects of modern law from recovery of the alimony to solving the problems with the tax authorities and the traffic police. It shall be noted that our lawyers work closely with financiers, economists and accountants of the company; it allows to increase the quality of services provided to perfection.

Why shall you apply exactly to our company?

1. You will deal with the professional lawyers that can provide the effective legal support in almost any situation related to violation of your rights and the various encroachments.

2. You will be given the legal consultation and a plan of the legal actions will be drawn up that is a reliable basis for effective protection of your interests and using which you can honorably and without significant losses solve the most difficult legal conflicts.

3. We guarantee the full confidentiality of information received from you which will never be used against your will.

4. The range of our legal services is wide and multi-faceted:

Drafting of agreements, claims, applications and other documents (loan agreements, lease agreements, use agreements, sale and purchase agreements, storage agreements, license agreements, construction general contractor, subcontract and design agreements as well as preparation of annexes, amendments and supplements to these agreements, their analysis and modification, drawing up of protocols, settlements, statements, powers of attorney, etc.);
Debt recovery: preparation of warnings, claims, applications, settlements and debt repayment schedules;
Prejudicial settlement of disputes;
Legal analysis of documents and their subsequent modification in your interests;
Preparation of statements of claim;
Conducting of civil cases: divorce including division of property, recovery of alimony;
Full support of real estate businesses;
Preparation and submission of documents to the commercial register (registration of enterprises, change of registered office, change of the Charter etc.);
Intellectual property - registration of licenses, patents, trademarks and counseling in matters of copyright;
Full legal service of the company personnel (employment agreements, employee agreements of financial liability and commercial secrecy, preparation of work schedule, job descriptions, agreements, orders, powers of attorney, reprimands and other documents).

If after consultation you realize that you are not able to cope with the problem by yourself, then you will be offered the following legal assistance:

Drafting of plan of the most effective actions and different variants for solving the conflict;
Preparation of any legal documents, including holding of official correspondence;
Representation in courts and government institutions;
Brokering when making a settlement agreement.

Entrusting your problems to us you enter into a partnership with the professionals in the field of law, that are able not just to provide the detailed information about a particular problem, but also give the useful advice and help to overcome the difficult situation by action within the limits of the current legislation.

It should be noted that the prices for legal services in our company do not exceed the average market prices and perfect quality of lawyers work leaves no doubt as to the favorable resolution of various conflicts.

Our company is your personal assistant in the legal field, so you will be able to solve all our problems successfully.

We appreciate your confidence and our reputation!

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