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Our company is made of a team of skilled specialists whose expertise in today’s business competition is determined primarily by accuracy, efficiency and responsibility in performing tasks of any complexity.

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The whole range of accounting services . This is what we offer. For you and your business.

Our objective

To prove how easy and convenient it is to work with us.


Businesses differ. Nevertheless, one of the pivotal aspects and the universal language of any business is accounting. Any development of the company without accounting is out of the question. Business of the 21st century dictates its terms, the most important of which is a well-thought-out organization of the operations. This is the main key to success.

Customized accounting services enjoy great popularity in today’s market. Accounting outsourcing has become the ideal companion for business operators of any level. The customer understands that contracting to an external provider who is a competent and reliable company is not only cheaper, but also provides a better and therefore more professional quality.

It is traditionally believed that the older the accounting company, the better it is, as it can boast of valuable experience gained over years of practice in the field. Yet, the basis of any accounting company is its experts, and not always a start-up company means novice accountants.

IT & FINANCE comapny

The company IT & FINANCE started up just recently – in March 2011 – and has already established itself as a reliable partner in the field of accounting services.

The obvious benefits of putting your trust in us:
- You reduce the costs of accounting;
- You get the perfect assistant who is responsible for proper management of all financial transactions.

Thus you get the opportunity to focus your efforts on the priority area of your business operations.

The key orientation of IT & FINANCE is reliable and successful relationship with our customers.

Contact information


He is currently the head of finance department in a group of telecommunications companies. Coordinates the operations of the finance department, develops a unified information system and designs financial management policy of the company. Worked on the consolidation of financial accounting and development of reporting systems.

Has experience in working in financial departments of companies engaged in trading of petroleum products. Developed algorithms for accounting of financial and economic operations.

Worked on international taxation assignments.

Graduated from the Baltic International Academy. Master of Business Administration. Certified in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) from the Institute of Professional Financial Managers (IPFM, London), International Accountant and Financial Manager.

A certified Microsoft Excel expert.

Our services


Online monitoring system of the financial perfomance of Your company with user friendly and easy-to-understand interface.


Certified Auditor Services

Services of the best Latvian Sworn Auditors, so you can be sure that your annual reports will be in order.


Financial analysis

Financial analysis of the financial performance of your company. Financial reports and calculations.


Company Registration

Company registration in the Register of Enterprises of Latvia, registration in State revenue service of Latvia, registration changes and related services.


Tax Advising

Tax advisory services, tax reimbursement, consulting on avoiding tax risks.


Bookkeeping and Accounting

Accounting and bookkeeping services.


Legal services

We offer to you the professional legal assistance on various legal issues...